The Sinner’s Song

If I prayed as hard as I play,

I might be in heaven by now,

If I spent that much time, with God on my mind,

I might be in heaven by now.              


The time I spend, with my guitar,

Well it’s most of my day, by far,

But if a thousand strums, could pay for just one sin,

I’d have the cleanest soul ever been.


I try to stay, fit and trim

So each day I go to the gym,

But if I put that much time, into,  pumping out prayers,

I’d be climbing up heavenly stairs.


My calendar’s full of so much stuff,

I can’t seem to do enuff,

But if my focus was more toward spiritual things,

I just might be flapping my wings.


Ya think singin’ this song might shake my tree,

And might get me down on my knees,

But I’m a sinner by trade, that’s the way I was made,

Guess I don’t really deserve being saved.