So Well

His life had been tuff, and he learned soon enuff, it’d never be very easy,

He’s had the blues, and he’s paid his dues, nothing’s ever for free,

Hurdles and snags, sometimes really a drag, hardship, he’s had his fill,

A journey bestowed, with forks in the road, each step would be up hill.


He came to this land, at his father’s command, to live the American dream,

He had a plan, to be a happy man, yes that’s the way it seemed,

He found a spouse,  and a suburban house, four kids, what else could there be?

But a lesson to learn is how fast things can turn, in life there’s no guarantee.


And he paces the floor, and he walks thru the halls, rethinking times from the past,

Each year passes on, yet another is gone, they fly by so fast,

But he reflects without guilt, on the life that he’s built, now it’s easy to tell,

In his heart so sincere, it becomes perfectly clear, that he’s done it all so well,

Yes he’s done it all so well.


His wife said goodbye, she found another guy, time to pack up and go,

His choices were few, it was time to start anew, but where, he did not know,

It all seemed so absurd, was this what he deserved, after working his fingers to the bone?

His family broke, it’s all up in smoke, gotta live his life all alone.


But there’s a part of this man, maybe hard to understand, it’s found deep down in his soul,

You can knock him off track, you can try to push him back, but he’ll never lose control,

He’s got God up above, and his children’s love, a clear conscience, and a heart of gold,

No finer man, will ever walk this land, for him God broke the mold.