Grateful Ed

Well it was nineteen forty eight, or maybe forty nine, way far back in the day,

Flatt and Scruggs were at the Grand Ole Opry, strummin’ and pickin’ away,

’Bout that same time in Knoxville Tennessee, was a guy they called Grateful Ed,

He could pick and slide on his old Dobro, better than anyone did.


Pick me a tune Ed, slide me asong, a Dixieland melody,

Cuz there ain’t no finer Dobro player, that anyone could see,

So pick it again just one more time. Slide it again for me.


Just assure as thesun wouldrise, he’d grab thatmetal guitar,

Andstart eachday with aslidin’ revilee, tokin’ on acheap cigar,

Men and women and children too, would gather to hear him play,

Rag after rag and reel after reel, they’d be singin’ and dancin’ all day


WellEd liked his whiskey and his thunderbird wine, be sippin’ it all day long,

But once lubed up and feelin’ fine, he couldn’tplay no wrong,

Well time rolled on and years passed by, Ed lived the life he knew,

He got old and his number came up, but the legend of his playin’ only grew.


Pick me a tune Ed, Slide me a song, play me a melody,

Well the very last song that he ever played was will the circle be unbroken.