Cardinal Song

Well I saw a poor guy griftin’ for a buck, and there’s a fellow over there and he’s clearly out of luck,

We don’t have to look to a far off land, to find someone that needs a helping hand.


Well check out that guy on the soup kitchen line, I guess that’s the only place he can find to dine’

I know for sure that I can plainly say, that I never had to find a meal that way.


I see a cardinal, who’s lost his way, I see a cardinal, who’s gone astray,

I see a cardinal, most every day, that needs, some help, to fly away.


And see that man shakin’ in the cold? and I got coats I don’t wear cuz they look too old,

Do ya think that maybe we could all agree, that we take, for granted our prosperity?


We’ve all gotten so many gifts from above, so ain’t it time, we showed a little love?

And pass along some of that extra stuff, don’t it all, make sense? Don’t ya think we have enough?


So next time you see a brother in need, don’t miss that chance to do a good deed,

It’s not a task, it’s an opportunity, and it’ll warm your heart and make you smile I guarantee.