Broken Memory Blues

Your brain’s supposed to be, a memory location,

A recall machine, full of information,

And when you’re young, I guess that’s the way it is.


But as the years pass by, brain cells melt away,

It comes with age, at least that’s what they say,

But I’m tellin’ you now, it’s reality.


Cuz I …   got the broken memory blues

You might not approve, but it’s my excuse … excuse to keep forgetin’

It’s why I can’t remember, the day of the week,

Sometimes I get so tongue-tied, I c-c-c-can’t even speak

Cuz I … got the broken memory blues


I walk into a room, firmly on a mission,

Start spinnin’ round in circles,  I lose my ammunition,

Cuz I can’t remember, what I came to look for


I bumped into a fellow, we had a little chat,

We talked a half an hour, he knew me like old hat,

Then afterwards I’m thinkin’, who the hell was that?


My forgetter’s getting better, my recollector is broke,

My overlooker is on fire, my reminder’s up in smoke,

You might think it’s funny, but I say it ain’t no joke.


So it’s the lifestyle I live, not like I have an option,

No chances of improvement, what’s done cannot be undone,

And if you don’t get it, you’re time will surely come


So when we meet from time to time, please try and have compassion,

I really think forgetin’ is gettin’ quite in fashion

So join in my journey onward thru the fog

Cuz I …   got the broken memory blues